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Greetings From Trendrr !!!

This advertisement has everything you want to see in a Super-Duper Hit Movie, Comedy, Drama, Emotions, Action, Anger, Thrill, Suspense, Motivation and the happy ending with critics reviews and ratings. So, read carefully to the end.

*About us*

We are a Jaipur Based team of ⓗⓐⓒⓚⓔⓡⓢ, digital marketers, web developers and search engine specialists who understand how the internet “thinks” and works.

Requirement: 100 expert Content Writers (Who can work from home as freelancers after a little training of 15-20 minute)

Content Writing Services
Content Writing Jobs in Jaipur

Experience: 0-3 Years

Desired Candidate Profile:

* Minimum Graduation (preferably English/Media Mass Com)

* Excellent English Speaking & Writing Skills (Only those who passed out from English medium/convent)

* Candidates with a mass communication background is highly preferred

* Freshers in content writing do not apply.

* Must have own laptop or PC.

* Must have excellent research skills

Job Description:

* Should be able to write the articles in blog format
* Should be able to produce SEO friendly ENTERTAINMENT niche articles
* Able to produce good grammatically correct/plagiarism free content
* Passionate about Entertainment writing
* Good command over written and spoken English
* Immediate Joining Required.



Job Type: Full-time/Part-Time/Freelance

Salary: ₹20,000.00 to ₹35,000.00 /month

We at Trendrr, looking for expert content writers, who can produce excellent quality Celebrity Biography articles. For sample articles, you can read and check any article published on Trendrr.

Pricing: Our current price is 20PPW (20 Paise per word) but we pay 20% instant bonus to the quality content writer so, you’ll get 24PPW (24 Paise per word).

How much you can make from home with us: For an expert writer, writing these 750-800 words articles took a maximum of one hour, for normal writer 60 to 90 minutes and for Hunt and peck (two-fingered typing) a maximum of 2 hours. So, working full time 8 hours a day, you can easily write 4-8 articles per day. Now you can count yourself on the basis of your capability. You can make between ₹20000 to ₹35000 monthly by working 45-48 hours a week (Some extra-ordinary writers of our team making ₹50,000 monthly). We have an unlimited quantity of work for you, More than 100K celebrity per year.

You need more money: Here we are giving you the name of some big brands that pay hundreds of dollars for a single article, Forbes, Time, People Mag. HuffingtonPost, Tmz, E Online, USMagazine, Rolling Stones, PerezHilton, HollywoodLife, RadarOnline, Times of India and many more. You should contact these companies for better pricing, no need to search on Google “Content Writing Jobs”.

We are just a small company and cant pay more than our listed price, but we believe in sharing. We run over 25 blogs and websites on different niche so we have an unlimited quantity of work only for the best content writer.

Use Google Translate if you do not know Hindi.

This is for those who (NYTimes/Times of India/WashingtonPost authors) came here in search for ₹1-2 Per Word Job: चोरी के माल का दाम चोर बाजार जितना ही तो मिलेगा और हम सब इनफार्मेशन चोरी करने के सिवा करते क्या है एंड टाइपिंग तो कोर्ट परिसर में बैठा टाइपिस्ट 20 रूपए एक पेज के लेता है जिसमे 500-1000 words होते है और रोज़ के 100-50 स्टाम्प पेपर टाइप करता है तथा गलती की गुंजाईश 00.00000001% भी नहीं, नहीं तो लोगों को लाखों करोड़ों की सम्पत्तियों से हाथ धोना पड़ सकता है! तो बताओ, में तो 200 दे रहा हु, दस गुना ज्यादा! कम कहा है? Prove it. और ज्यादा चाहिए तो J. K. Rowling बनो और शोरूम का ब्रांडेड माल बेचो! मेरे जैसे लोगों से नौकरी लेने की जरुरत ना पड़ेगी! साफ़ कहंना और सुखी रहना, बुजुर्गों से मिली सीख काम आयी आज!

जमीनों को वाड्रा जैसे लोग खा गए, जनता का पैसा भ्रस्ट राजनेता, कानून व्यवस्था खा गयी, लोगों की नोकरिया वर्तमान अर्थव्यवस्था खा गयी, जो मेहनत मजदूरी करके कमा रहे थे उनकी मजदूरी धर्म के ठेकेदार मुल्ला मौलवी , पुजारी ,पादरी ,आसाराम जैसे बाबाजी भगवान्/अल्लाह का डर दिखा के खा गए और बची खुची कसर गूगल ने पूरी कर दी वो सारी websites का ट्रैफिक खा गया ! अब गब्बर के पास न लूटपाट करने को कुछ है ना गूगल ने इतनी कमाई छोड़ी सो ज्यादा Money देगा भी कहा से ! अब तो एक ही चीज़ बची है कठोर परिश्रम करो, ज्यादा काम करो और ज्यादा कमाओ

अब मेरे एक राइटर को ही ले लो रोज़ के 15 articles लिखता है दिन रात मेहनत करके और 3000 रोज़ कमाता है चोरी के माल का ! महीने का 1 लाख के आस पास हो गया ! यकीन नहीं आता तो खुद देख लो !

Screenshot (301)
Screenshot (301)
Screenshot (308)
Screenshot (308)
Screenshot (310)
Screenshot (310)
Screenshot (315)
Screenshot (315)
Screenshot (316)
Screenshot (316)

Things we cant accept in your articles.

Plagiarism – Completely not acceptable
Article Spinning – Completely not acceptable
Wrong Information – Completely not acceptable
Wrong use of given template – Completely not acceptable
Not following given instruction very well – Completely not acceptable
Grammar & Spelling – Partially acceptable but not always.

If you know Hindi and Watched Sholey movie: Most of the time we find writers like Jailor and Soorma Bhopali of Sholey in this business and their English language skills were no more than Basanti’s English. They don’t know the ABCD of writing and try to do everything to get the job. If you’re one one of these types of person, dont waste yours and my time.

Please note: Your way of communication and writing a 50 to 100 words application is good enough for us to know about your writing skills. You’ll get a reply only if we find your application, resume, and sample of past work useful for us.

The first rule of working with us and a warning for Girls/Working Moms/other females. The 5% of celebrities we write on are P***stars and writers talk openly/frankly about them with us, this is a part of our job, and we dont have any fixed list of p***stars to give it to others, we have a mixed record of all celebrity and everyone must have to work on it. Sunny Leone or Mia Khalifa like people are more famous than others and we cannot skip these people. Your Family Member, Husband, Brother, Father, Mother may or maybe not allow for it. So first thing first, Ask yourself.

We are professionals and nothing out of the profession. Actually this is because sometimes girls don’t have a personal laptop/pc/room and opening a wiki page for information while writing about him/her in the front of the family is not possible for us Indians.

First 3 days interview analysis of Girls application

27 Jan- 115 Application, 113 rejected, One 16 years Teen Girl selected, One in pending

I wont open/reveal her name in public but her written application was enough for us to give her a Permanent Job in Gabbar’s Gang and Gabbar already started a blog of her interest with 100% increment in salary. Here is that

AGE: 16

I’m a student, studying at Johnson Grammar School, ISC. I believe I’m not very right for the job as my qualifications aren’t upto the mark. But I am very passionate about English and I’m hoping this would be an opportunity to enrich the quality of my writing. I scored about 87/100 in English Language internal tests, and as per the ISC standards, it’s a very good score.

I have a very keen eye for details and intricacies and also a little experience in writing articles regarding the current issues. I promise to deliver quality content within the deadlines.

Though I cannot work 45-48 hours a week as I’m a student, I request you to consider my application, as I will do my best to reach your expectations.

Thank You.

And here is her written test article, this is an unedited original version and there are a few minor errors but that was enough for us to give her 100/100. Download and check yourself.

Click here to Download Praphas biography

क्या बच्चों के सिवाय सब कचरा भरा है इंडिया में?

28 Jan- 95 Applications, 93 rejected, 2 in pending

29 Jan- Gabbar added warning for females

2 Applications (Maybe by mistake without reading the warning)

ऐसा लगा जैसे राम मंदिर ही नहीं बन रहा, राम राज्य भी वापस आ गया ! सती सावित्री का दौर फिर से आ गया !

गब्बर खुश हुआ, उसका देश सुधर रहा है !
लेकिन गब्बर को कहाँ पता, यहाँ तो बंद दरवाजों के पीछे गुटरगूँ हो रहा है !

म्हारी छोरिया छोरों से कम हैं के, वाह रे आमिर, उल्लू बना के 1000 करोड़ कमा तो लिए लेकिन एक को भी नसीहत ना दे सका !

अब कुछ लोग सोचेंगे की इसको तो एप्लीकेशन भेजने का मतलब खुद की बेज्जती करवाने जैसा है, अरे नहीं भाई, जिनकी कोई वैल्यू ही नहीं मैं क्या ख़ाक बेज्जती करूँगा उनकी, मैं तो जो राइटिंग में बेस्ट है उनकी इज्जत करना जानता हूँ बस और वो मेरी, इसलिए ही 5-6 साल से 15-20 लोग बिना रुके बिना थके बस लिखते चले जा रहे है जो मिला वो मिल बाँट के खा लिया ! देशी आदमी, देशी बात , गाँव वाला जो रह गया !

I’m an Indian and Know very well the mentality of Indians, It Happens Only in India. पर्दे में रहने दो, पर्दा न उठाओ.

Daily Budget Spent on Google Ads for writers –  ₹8000/day

Daily Applications – 250-300

अब इतना सब कुछ लिखने के बाद शायद 2-4 application ही आये लेकिन जो आएगी वो Real Writers की ही होगी !

P.S. अगर आपके आत्मसम्मान तो कोई ठेस पहुंची है तो माफ़ी दीजियेगा ! Gabbar tired replying to Soorma Bhopali, Jailor, Basanti and NYTimes authors, this is why I made my AD Copy like this else it was a simple advertisement.

We are not here to play the kids game. Search on google “Trendrr” and read the top Wikipedia page, who we are?

If you’re ready to work, Please ask few questions from yourself.

1. Can you write a celebrity biography article(99.99% Hollywood)?
2. Are you happy with the pricing listed at Trendrr?
3. Do you have excellent English writing skills bcoz we write for Native English Readers?
4. Can you write a minimum of 25 articles per month? Our minimum requirement is 25 articles per month (deadline is always 30 days for every batch) that an ordinary writer can write in 4-5 days, the maximum is writer choice 50-100-200(We always provide work in 25-50-100 articles batch).
5. WhatsApp is necessary to work with us and we run a WhatsApp group of our writers where we provide most instruction.
6. Payments and working method:

Accept List/batch -> Write Articles -> Submit Articles -> Get New List -> wait for payment upto 7 days for submitted batch/in rare case 15 days max —-and it continues….

We always pay after a quality check. Currently, our editors/proofreader’s aren’t overloaded so we are making payment in 3-5 days after submission, but in few days it can take upto 7-15 days depending on the editors/proofreader’s workload.

Here you can see how do we manage payments and writers.

We are looking only for expert content writers, learners and beginners please dont waste your and our time

As of 10th Feb. 2020, 35 Expert freelance writers joined us, need more 65.

If you accept all these T&C …….

Write us at: [email protected]
Skype: djshyam (aka Sardaar Gabbar)

or leave a message on WhatsApp for a quick interview/Please don’t call We don’t answer your phone calls.

Mob: 08952921360

While we do our best to answer your queries quickly, it may take about 10 hours to receive a response from us during peak hours.

Thanks in advance for your patience.


Contact us by filling this form.

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    Who is SarDaar GaBBar?

    SarDaar GaBBar was one and only top clients on Contentmart platform with more than 6 profiles and over 35000 orders in one year. Contentmart was the biggest content marketplace of India but closed in August 2018. Since then, most of the top writers of Contentmart working for me.

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    Screenshot (94)

    Here are some of the top-class writers from Contentmart who working for GaBBar, not for money.

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