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Trendrr is a New York-based digital and social media business intelligence platform founded by Mark Ghuneim (Born: 3 September 1962 (age 57 years), Launched in 2007, that was acquired by Twitter in 2013. A “virtual scratch pad” enables users to compare data sets and create mashups. Graphs can be shared with links or embed codes, or exported in xml, json, or excel.

Trendrr harnesses the value of real-time social data for media and advertising.

We watch it, talk about it and share it. We’re into what’s new and hot, what’s relevant and not, what people are saying, and how media companies & brands are responding. We’re a company filled with people who live for media, culture, trends, real-time social and data. Lots of data. And we love using cutting edge technology to mine critical insights from those massive streams of social data. Insights that matter most to those producing, marketing & broadcasting the media we love to consume.

We are media eaters and cutting-edge technologists who developed the Trendrr platform, and its suite of products, to support the media industry, an industry we’ve been working in for over 60+ years of combined experience.

Launched in 2007, Trendrr is a category-defining platform used by leading TV networks, studios, brands, and publishers to measure, quantify and curate social activity streams. Trendrr’s social analytics solution harnesses the power of real-time social data to provide insights that power dynamic and compelling user experiences. These user experiences help media companies grow their audience, business, revenue, and brand equity.

In 2010, Trendrr launched Trendrr.TV, the first platform to address the growing phenomenon of second-screen viewing and social behavior. Trendrr.TV is an intuitive, turnkey enterprise technology solution that solves the problem of processing, understanding and leveraging social data around the television. It helps networks, television studios, brands, and media agencies understand points of attention and value across different devices and services. Trendrr.TV filters out the noise, distilling the social chatter about TV and brands into meaningful data, and actionable insights.

In 2013, Trendrr launched Curator, a platform that helps brands, media companies, and agencies unlock the true potential of Twitter across any surface. Whether it’s on-air, in-app, online, out of home, or all of the above- Curator brings high-value conversation streams to consumers to create rich real-time experiences.

Trendrr’s measurement is an evolution of the GRP into the GEP (Gross Engagement Point). The Gross Engagement Point measurement gives media buyers, brands and advertisers an additional metric to inform buying and measuring campaign effectiveness.

Founded by former senior Sony executives, and created by Wiredset, the real-time digital agency, Trendrr powers social charts and features for Multi-channel news, Mashable, Advertising Age, NY Post, New York Magazine, Time Magazine and is used for tent pole events such as the Academy Awards, VMAs, Latin Grammys, BET Music Awards and many more.

Mark Ghuneim
Mark Ghuneim, Founder of Trendrr

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Trendrr is the latest world news, Biography, Entertainment, News, Gossip and Trends dedicated website which basically focuses on accustoming audiences around the world with current celebrity-related wiki, gossips, news, and issues.

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